Working from Home During This Difficult Time

March 18, 2020

Wulle (My Yorkie Puppy)

Every morning Wulle (my Yorkie Puppy) and I start the

day with a walk around the neighborhood to help clear my mind and focus on the tasks of the day ahead.  All we talk about and hear about is COVID-19 and how it is affecting all of us.  I thought I would weigh in on the topic and share with all of you how we are coping having to work from home with the kids and share some advise on what is working for our family.

Everyone in the home should have a schedule.  I always start my day with a piece of paper and a Task List of what I want accomplished for the day.  Be creative, for children use a whiteboard. It may be easier for the children to block off times for every Task but be sure to include breaks outside like a walk around the block just so they can clear their minds. Children don't work a full 8 hour day like adults do so let them start their day later by letting them sleep in or put extra breaks in their daily schedule.

Before Monday it was just me working out of my home office.  There are now five of us working from home.  Be sure to have a dedicated spot for your work areas.  My twins are using the sun-room.  My oldest is using his own room and my husband and I have our offices.  It is important to have a sign at the door showing your availability.  That way everyone knows when it is safe to come into the work area.  You can be creative and use red and green signs or just a typical Do Not Disturb Sign will do.  

  The media is constantly giving us updates on COVID-19.  Try to establish an allotted time from your day to get your update.  I check out the news at noon and sit for 1/2 hr then.  This is a big distraction and will enforce panic and worry in your children.  Try to limit their visibility to the media.  Talk to them about it ensure them that the government is doing everything they can to help us stay safe.

I also wanted to address the topic of Social Distancing.  For me and my family that means no one coming in and out of the house besides us 5 and of course Wulle.  My husband and I limit ourselves to going shopping one time a week.  Only virtual communication to friends and family.  Facetime, Zoom, and GoTo Meetings have been popular in our home.  Taking walks outside with Wulle has been a therapy for all of us.  God had given us sunnier days and blooming daffodils early this year for a reason.  If we listen and slow this down by not having social interactions for the short term, we will all be better off in the long run.  

How is your family dealing with Working from Home during this time?  Would love to hear your suggestions and what is working for you?

Margherita C. Amplo

President, MCA Consultants

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