What is the Rapid Planning Method?

August 26, 2021

I read an article from www.entrepreneur.com  regarding a new method for effective production. The RPM or (Rapid Planning Method) was developed by Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, and business coach. Robbins considers RPM to be a system of thinking that will help you increase productivity. The article outlines the principles of RPM. Each of the letters of RPM stands for the deeper meaning of this technique.

R - stands for Results-oriented. An example is thinking of your goals or accomplishments for the day or long-term. This section also incorporates the first two letters of SMART that are goal setting, specific and measurable. Tangible goals can provide you measured success.  

P - stands for Purpose-driven. Why you're doing what you do? It is a purpose with greater success. Having a purpose helps you be motivated to execute. It provides you with additional motivation to why you are doing what you do. Next is a vision when you can see the big picture. An example can be starting your own business, reaching your dream job, or finishing that home project. The next phase is to work harder and smarter. I am sure we have all heard this phrase. The RPM method can be seen as an alternative method for your traditional to-do lists. Or why not do both? To do-lists can often get you hung up on details. Being detail-oriented is sometimes required in a job today but know sometimes you can get hung up in the details which slow down your progress.

M- stands for Meaningful. Make busy work meaningful. Have you ever powered through a to-do list and felt like you got nothing meaningful done? I know many working parents have probably done this to get their house clean or pick up after the kids and feel like it is never-ending. If you put RPM into your daily routine, it does provide that extra kick in your step and allows you to find more meaning in what you are doing.

Finally, whatever you are thinking about doing in your job or projects at home, try to incorporate the RPM (Rapid Planning Method). It just may help you reach those dreams you desire and exceed your goals in business.

Diane Snyder
MCA Consulting Services, LLC

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