What can we do to Help Non-Profits During The COVID-19 Epidemic?

May 6, 2020

I can’t believe we are now already in the month of May and entering our eighth week of being in isolation due to the COVID – 19 Pandemic.  Although Southeastern PA is not in the clear yet to start reopening, many organizations are beginning to plan what their businesses will look like once they get the go ahead to reopen.   For non-profit organizations the COVID-19 epidemic has been particularly difficult on adjusting to our new normal.  How does one ask for support when the whole world is in a crisis?  There are many ways we can help.

1. Volunteer – many regular volunteers especially those who are at higher risk due to age or medical conditions will need to restrict their commitments if you don’t fall in this criteria please consider giving up some of your time. Reach out to Local charities to see how you can support them?  There are many things you will be able to do safely from your home.

2. Support and promote your favorite organization – use Social Media outreaches to promote your favorite non-profit.  Remind people to keep supporting the charities they care about. Share local volunteer opportunities and guidance about where people can give to help those impacted.  Lead by example.

3. Monetary Donation – if you are in a financial position to do so, consider donating to your favorite cause during this troubling time. Many non-profits are helping those with other issues such as Cancer, Heart Conditions, Diabetes and our Veterans.  

Here are a few organizations that are near and dear to my heart.


1. Bringing Hope Home - Paul Isenberg and his team continue to provide Unexpected Amazigness and HOPE to local families with cancer through financial and emotional support. We all know the physical affects that cancer causes, but the financial and emotional toll it takes is just as damaging. Through their Light of Hope Family Grant program, BHH provides a one-time grant to pay household bills for these families that will keep them in their home, with the lights one, and food on their table. To learn more about Bringing Hope Home and how you can be a part of HOPE Nation to support a family with cancer, go to http://bringinghopehome.org/about/bhh-response-covid-19/

2. Amyloidosis Foundation – Amyloidosis is a term that one might not be familiar with.  Amyloidosis represents several different types of diseases where an abnormal protein called amyloid is produced. These amyloid protein fibers can attach and deposit into organs, tissues, nerves and other places in the body. When that happens, normal function of the area can be affected. As the amyloid protein increases, health problems and organ damage may occur. “OSIS” means increased, or an abnormal, supply of AMYLOID protein. The mission of Amyloidosis Foundation is to increase education and awareness of amyloidosis within the community, leading to earlier diagnosis and improved treatments. Learn more about them and how you can support them https://amyloidosis.org/

3. Unite for HER – started by Sue Weldon after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, she began searching for information on different types of therapies that would complement the medical treatments she was receiving.  She made it her mission to find accessible resources on nutrition, massage, yoga and more.  She wanted to take care of a patients emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Sue and her team are focused on developing new methods on delivering their programs during the COVID-19 health crisis. To learn more on how you can support them please go to their website at https://uniteforher.org/  

Let us continue to support our Small Businesses during this difficult time and particularly remembering our non-profit organizations!  Continue to stay strong!  Stay home!  Stay safe!  Be sure to see me live on my Facebook Business Page and my Business Instagram Pages every Monday at noon.  Hope you can join me!  

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