What are the Trends for 2022 Corporate Events?

November 18, 2021

Corporate Events are back! After twenty months of social unrest, event marketing teams are working harder to be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable. To have a successful event, you will need to keep abreast on the trends and adapt to them.  

1.     In-person/Hybrid Events – although many people are excited and feel comfortable to be back in-person there are still some people that are leery to come out into public places, be sure to include in-person/hybrid options in your events so you gain some additional benefits such as, greater reach in your audience, flexibility, and better data

2.     Societal Issues – the recent events have prompted many people to think more about the ethics of their purchasing decisions in the last two years many organizations are looking to host events emphasizing their efforts towards social, environmental, and governance issues

3.     Health and Safety Protocols - marketing teams have and will continue to show up for these challenges by checking the vaccination status of attendees or requiring negative COVID tests to enter their events, as well as continuing sanitary measures, keeping your guests safe is a top priority

We plan on having an exciting year in 2022 as events come back stronger than ever. Now is the time for your organization to capitalize on these trends and make the most of them. MCA Consulting can help you organize and execute your corporate events. Contact us today for a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call so we can learn more about you and your organization and create a memorable event for you.

Margherita C. Amplo
MCA Consulting Services, LLC.

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