Print Media is Still Popular in 2022

June 6, 2022


Everything has gone digital nowadays within the media today. But print media is alive and is not going anywhere. Print media is popular in the world today, believe it or not. Newspapers are going strong as a news source in today's world. Newspapers are some of the few sources of news that we can find credible as readers. Magazines are another media source that is popular among print media. Magazines are known to bring an emotional attachment to readers, which is why many people still read them. Readers draw interest from magazine covers. If the magazine cover has material that the readers enjoy, the reader will want to buy and read that magazine.

          Among both magazines and newspapers are advertisements. Advertisements play a significant role for readers as they persuade them to want a specific product. You do not get that same emotional stimulation from digital media compared to print media. Consumers who see print ads also tend to visit the advertiser’s website, up 27% from 12% in 2009 (Jaime, 2022). That's a significant increase when looking at print media compared to digital media. Another fun fact is that 58% of adults aged 18-34 read newspapers today (Jaime, 2022). That's more than half of the population within America. People recall more brands 77% of the time when reading from print media rather than digital media (Jaime, 2022).

          Overall, print media is still superior to digital media in 2022. With print media being credible and more reliable than digital media, there is no sign of print media going away anytime soon as there is still a strong crowd of people that use it in 2022. With that being said, we at MCA Consulting take a hard look at all avenues of Marketing. We feel that you should still have print media in your marketing plan. Our Multi-Touchpoint Marketing approach includes print media. We feel you must have a variety of ways to touch your customers. Not all customers are alike. Don't get me wrong, as a Marketing Agency, we first go the digital marketing route because that is what Generation Z is expecting but don't forget Generation X and those that still love to hold a magazine or newspaper. They are still out there and deserve to be marketed to the right way. By using our multi-touchpoint marketing approach you won't disappoint your customers. For more information about our Multi-Touchpoint Marketing approach please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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