Is the Economy Really Opening Up?

July 22, 2021

We may feel that we were held captive for over a year in our own homes, not being able to get out there and socialize with our friends, colleagues, and family members. Now they are telling us it is somewhat safe to get out there. Many of us chose to get vaccinated by protecting ourselves and our loved ones. Others are still contemplating the vaccine. With almost 60 percent of Americans fully vaccinated the government has opened.  Movie Theaters are open, Hair Salons can run at full capacity, and there are no mask mandates. So why are small businesses still hesitant about company spend and waiting for 2022 to implement new ideas and strategies? I believe that the pandemic has changed us and the way we used to do things:

  • Forgotten how to socialize - we are feeling comfortable in front of our computers and phones and not having to get up to see our clients
  • Effects of our mental health - feeling down because of the uncertainty out there of the virus still having variants and the fear of another shut-down
  • Afraid to spend money – even though we have gotten help from the government, many businesses feel they cannot use their money to improve themselves

My advice to small business owners is to act now before your competition gets a head start. Get back to in-person networking events, company in-person meetings, focus on your marketing/sales strategy. Always be a step ahead of your competition. Educate yourself on the latest marketing trends. If you need any help in any of these areas, MCA Consulting is here to help. Schedule time with us today to learn more about accelerating your business the modern way.

Margherita C. Amplo
MCA Consulting Services, LLC.

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