How to Maintain Work-Life Balance During Covid-19

August 22, 2021

We are trying to understand our ever-changing environment concerning Covid-19 since the inception of the virus nineteen months ago. Here we go again, with additional strains.  So, how do we find some balance in our work and life? We now must consider remote work from home, or do we go back into the office? At least this time we have options with available vaccines. Do our children need to mask up once again? Going back to school is around the corner.  These decisions and many others are being considered once again. Let's discuss how to mentally and physically stay prepared. If COVID-19 has left you feeling burnt out, overworked, and stressed, here are some ways you can manage your work-from-home environment to create a better work-life balance.  First, you should manage your expectation.  Create a dedicated workspace if you have not already done so and take regular breaks. Have lunch with your family or a friend.  Try to keep consistency in your daily work and life.  Add an exercise routine to help battle mental stress.  Remember, exercise increases endorphins in the brain, which can help you. When someone begins to exercise, it initiates a biological cascade of events that results in the release of endorphins — those chemicals that make you happy! In addition, serotonin is released. This also boosts mood and is often found in lower levels in people with depression. Don't be too proud to reach out for professional help if you feel you need it.  Remain open with communicating your needs with your manager/direct report.  Over communication is far better than none.

Finally, be kind to yourself and remain consistent with your approach. Vaccinations for those who need it and continue to wash your hands, do not go out in public if you are not feeling well or sick.  Mask up where you are required.  The vaccines give us a fighting chance to survive and minimize the effects.

Hope you enjoyed these helpful tips.  To learn more about Work Life Balance check out these articles:
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Diane Snyder
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