How to Grow Your Business Quickly

November 5, 2020

How to Grow Your Business Quickly

A small business owner may have many goals.   There are ways to reach growth milestones that can project a business to success. I found an article from Business News Daily Editor that asked small business leaders to share their tips for accelerating growth. Here is what they had to say.

  1. Hire the right people -  it is important that you hire the right person for the job, some qualities I look for are their passion for what they do as well as having a strong work ethic and also it is important that they share in your companies vision, and values.
  2. Focus on established revenue sources – it is important that you look at your current customer base, one of the best ways to get additional business is a current happy customer that refers you to a friend.  Many businesses offer a customer loyalty program.  Get creative!
  3. Reduce your risks – they are many ways you can limit internal and external threats to your company and its growth. There are many resources out there such as your business insurance provider and even your accountant.
  4. Be adaptable – entrepreneurs can switch directions quickly in response to changes in the market and they are able to test different approaches to business and find out what works best. If something fails, just pick yourself up and try something else that will work.
  5. Focus on your customer experience – it is important that you maintain high Customer perceptions of your business.  You have heard of the expression, “The customer is always right!”  Your mission is to satisfy your customer’s needs.  Now a days they will quickly post their good experience with you on social media but they will be quicker to post a bad experience.
  6. Invest in yourself – as your business starts bringing in the revenue it is important that you put it back into the business so it will continue to grow, whether it be investing in marketing, technology, or people.
  7. Always think ahead – it is important that you are always planning your next step, always allow for many possible scenarios.  This will help you stay grounded and secure as your business grows.
  8. Boost Customer Service – it is important that you stay focused on providing outstanding customer service. Without your customers you won’t have a business.
  9. Focus on Social Media – well this one you know would be on the list,  in this day and age as I have repeatedly said you have to have a Social Media Strategy.  It is how we all communicate these days.
  10. Attend Networking Events – well I know with the whole world dealing with the new norm with COVID Networking Events are looking very different this year.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do this.  As I have previously mentioned you need to pivot by using other ways of networking such as Zoom Events, Podcast Interviews as well as hosting events where you and your guests can socially distance and feel safe.
  11. Work on Corporate Social Responsibility - Consumers want to buy from businesses that are passionate about giving back to the community or specific cause.

For the complete article see If you need any help in any of these areas on growing your business, I would love to talk to you.  MCA Consulting can help.  Please continue to stay safe and practice social distancing.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Margherita C. Amplo
President, MCA Consultants

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