How to Embrace More Joy in our Lives

March 24, 2021

Annie F. Downs, author of "That Sounds Fun" sums up in her book how we can try to embrace more joy in our lives this spring.  This past year we have all lost things that are dear to us.  Whether it was not being able to go to our favorite sporting events, not being able to see our loved ones,  the big one for me is not being able to see and hug our families the way we want to.  Especially coming from an Italian family when all we do is gather around the table for a meal, talk, tell old stories and being able to embrace one another.  Then we can't forget those that have lost family members this past year, many of them were not even able to give their loved ones a proper funeral service.  Annie points out that we need to find that fun again.  Here are some tips on how we can do just that.

  1. Manage your expectations – don't put a price tag on your fun, that expensive vacation may be something you are longing for but keep it simple, don't miss out on the small stuff
  2. Incorporate fun childhood hobbies or memories - sharing this with your family and friends will bring you more hope and joy, you may be amazed when you see the smiles on everyone's faces
  3. Try something new – it will give you renewed hope, let's not go back to 2019 when things as we say were normal.  What was good then is not necessarily good now.  You may surprise yourself.

I am also trying to incorporate these three steps on helping me embrace more joy.  There are a couple other things that I wanted to add to the list. That is keeping a positive outlook and keep moving forward.  Things are getting better.  Here at MCA Consulting we are kicking off some new and exciting FaceBook Lives as well as some videos that will help bring on the joy.  We will be sharing in some of our family traditions with some cooking and baking episodes as well as wellness tips and we can't forget to give some additional tips to our Businesses where we will discuss some hot topics and more.  I am excited to launch this.  In our first episode we will be joining my mother, daughter, and myself in the kitchen and we will show you how we will keep those family Easter traditions alive.  So, keep and eye out on Social Media and on my YouTube channel.  If you are interested in joining the fun, please contact us!  Would love to have you on one of our episodes!

Margherita C. Amplo
MCA Consultants

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