How The Beth and CJ Stein Team of Keller Williams Gives Back to the Community

June 24, 2020

Beth and CJ Stein of The Beth and CJ Stein Team of Keller Williams have learned to pivot and shift their business as they consult with clients and sell homes through the Pandemic. Initially, their biggest concern for them was how they would be able to take care of their clients during this challenging time. They have always found a way to give back to their community.  CJ owned his own marketing technology company for 20 years and the economic fallout from 911 led him to change gears to Real Estate.  His background and education is in Electrical Engineering and finds this serves him well helping clients navigate through the home selling process.  Beth is on the Board of Directors and the Ambassador Committee with the Exton Chamber of Commerce and enjoys connecting and helping people in business and within the community.  Beth’s background is in sales as she started her career at Pitney Bowes in Philadelphia. After four children and two grandchildren Beth and CJ decided to join forces and become the Real Estate Team that they are today.

They sold quite a few homes during the pandemic by using Zoom.  It was definitely a different way of doing business, but they learned to adjust and are having a robust selling season.  The selling process is different, but it is working for them and they are enjoying the new challenge.  Their operations manager, Erica is a key part of their team and their success by helping them retool systems and guide the team.  They learned to adjust to the new normal by working from home and creating new systems for working virtually and keeping their clients safe and giving them peace of mind.  They have many tools and coaching through Kelly Williams that have helped guide and motivate them through this change in business practices.  Beth has found the opportunity during this time to recreate and reinvent herself.  She is staying grounded and is hugely passionate to assist and help her clients.  She finds that talking to and masterminding with other business owners helps her and gives her fresh ideas to focus on. To date they have helped over 1,000 families buy or sell a home and they get most of their clients from referrals and brand awareness.  They are well known through their charity work and serving and giving back in the community.  They host ten events per year such as the Fall Harvest Festival, UNITE FOR HER Fundraising Event, and giving back to local restaurants by partnering with Miller’s Insurance and giving away $600 in gift cards during COVID-19.  You can contact them through their website at: [] and on Facebook at:

I love seeing the community coming together during this difficult time. Please continue to stay strong and stay safe. Would love to hear your stories on how your business is working through the pandemic. Contact me, would love to hear from you!

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