How Jen Sells House During the Pandemic

July 8, 2020

Jen Hohenberger is another example of a business owner that learned to make some adjustments to her business model during the Pandemic. Jen has been in the Real Estate Industry for over twenty years. Her passion is all about helping people during life changing events. Jen has been a member of the Exton Chamber of Commerce for fifteen years. She and her husband, Geoff are longtime residents of Chester County.  They have two rescue dogs named Tucker & Dixie. They enjoy supporting local charity organizations. They are also active members of their neighborhood civic association. They are currently active volunteers and dog foster parents for “TLC” dog rescue.  Jen has also volunteered as a foster parent to children.  She educates and encourages people about the possibility of becoming foster parents themselves and the difference it can make for the kids. She has a strong belief that children are the keys to our future. Jen wants to do everything she can to empower them with leadership skills and the confidence to navigate life with their heads held high.  She also enjoys gardening, cooking and training rescue puppies as well as staying healthy by eating right.

Jen has sold over five homes during the pandemic.  During the first couple months of the pandemic when real estate was affected, she spent her time getting educated through Coldwell Banker Preferred Webinars and company calls.  She learned how to sell homes right from her desk.  Jen learned to get creative through videos.  She had an in prompt to open house when the seller walked around the home and gave a tour of the home.  She had twenty people attend the Zoom Call. Now she will be offering that as an option to buyers prior to them seeing the home in person so they can get a feel of the home before they even step into it. As many others out there working from home now is part of the new normal.  No more drives into the office.  You can contact Jen on her website at:

It is all about adapting your business to the new norm.  Please continue to stay safe and practice social distancing.  Feel free to contact me, would love to hear from you!

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