Friday Night Lights

March 2, 2022

The city of Philadelphia is dealing with an increase in gun violence. There have been 71 homicides in 2022. Khadija Bowens, a former Temple Basketball player, created a non-profit in which goals are to create a safe and fun environment to help combat gun violence and address social issues that plague our urban communities. They are now offering "Friday Night Lights." It is an event that happens every other Friday that allows 6th - 12th Grade Boys and Girls an opportunity for mentorship, basketball, movie night, musical entertainment, and fun!

Khadija is a recent Ovarian Cancer survivor and is looking forward to getting back to her roots of serving and impacting the community. During her battle with cancer, Khadija realized how much impact she has had on her peers, community, and youth. The love and support that she received during that time helped her push forward and gave her the strength she needed. She also lost her brother to gun violence, which motivated her to benefit their community. She is passionate about her upcoming initiatives involving the support from individuals and families affected by cancer and getting young children off the streets into a better environment. Be sure to share "Friday Night Lights" with the community. If you have any questions, reach out to Khadija directly at

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