Can you make Working from Home a Permanent Arrangement for your Employees?

September 17, 2020

Many organizations were forced to move their employees over to remote working because of the pandemic but can this be a more permanent arrangement?  Employers are realizing that jobs that had to be done on-site can in fact be done remotely. Twitter and Facebook are looking to make some of their roles permanently remote.  There are many advantages to moving employees to a permanent virtual position.
  1. Fully-remote organizations are able to access to distributed talent as a key competitive advantage.
  2. Offering remote work options can help you attract and retain competitive talent.
  3. Working remotely can save time.

There are some steps that can be followed to help transition your workforce to a permanent remote position:

  1. Look at all the key tasks and responsibilities for a role and identify the critical tasks and needed competencies for the role.
  2. Access the estimated costs of on-site versus remote labor.
  3. Restructure roles to work as remote positions long-term.
  4. Lessen unnecessary coordination among remote workers.

I personally have been a strong believer in allowing employees to work from home.  It may not be for everyone but for those that need the flexibility for various reasons you want to be able to adapt your organization for remote workers.  It is just like everything else you need to put together a plan and execute it. Go over the numbers.  You may be surprised to see that allowing employees to work from home may end up saving your organizations a lot of money. For additional information on this topic you can reference:

As we are adapting to our new normal it is always good to look at change and have an open mind.  I hope you found this helpful.  Please continue to stay safe and practice social distancing.  Would love to hear from you!

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President, MCA Consultants
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